After engaging a discussion with a client, I consider these three questions when designing:

What can I do to further develop the brand, while also considering the customer’s perception of the design?
Where can this design achieve more that previous versions could not express?
How closely can I follow the ideas of the client, while using my experience and background to improve the design?

I utilize the following strengths to ensure successful quality & personality of the client’s goals and objectives:

Conceptualizing & Designing artwork that brings warmth, compassion, creativity, and delight of the corporate brand to life in local and global communities.
Exceeding Expectations by delivering products that meet the specifications and needs of a broad variety of applications, including print production, digital media, and environmental graphics.
Providing Guidance & Direction to clients throughout the creative process, ensuring all designs produced will align to a unified vision in delivering a consistent, successful, and long-lasting brand image.

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