Graphic Design,
Print & Branding

18+ years of experience in
Graphic Design & Print

Why  am  I  the  way  I  am?

I am a Multitalented Design Professional, specialized in developing and exploring graphic & print concepts for high-end clientele. My goal is to weave words, ideas, and images into visual narratives which can speak to the core of all people.

I have exceptional collaborative and interpersonal
skills, using my ability to create eye-catching and memorable
brands with the core built on the client’s strengths. I can be
flawless in the ability to translate growing ideas into clever &
concrete designs for Apparel, Print, and Social Media that
succeed in deadline-driven environments. My passion for
creating perceptive work can be crucial in a proactive industry.
I am dedicated to saving time, improving resources, and
developing coworkers’ performance in the work environment.

I’ve been able to constantly work alongside creative companies, brands, musicians, and collaboratives – from creating apparel, print, and identity branding for different groups, to helping rebrand entire restaurants. I also design merch and media for bands in various levels of success, sometimes working with them remotely when on tour.

I will be developing a brand for clothing & equipment, titled Vanished Stances, in the following year. There is a planned second project to arrive afterwards.

Here are some links to more of my information & recent work:


Chestnut Grove (band) | Apparel Design, Website Creation, Posters, Social Media Branding
With Time We Can (video docuseries) | Website Creation, Apparel Design, Social Media Branding, Posters
Moons (band) | Album Design, Logo Creation, Poster Design, Website Creation, Video Editing
CD's Place Catering & Eatery | Logo Design, Apparel Design, Outdoor Signage, Social Media Branding
Grassroots Harvest | Logo Design & Development, Package Design, Product Branding, Social Media Branding
The Last Remark (band) | Apparel Design, Album Art, Website Creation, Posters, Social Media Branding, Video Editing
Montserrat College of Art | Apparel Design, Logo Development, Event Coordination
RDWG (band) | Album Design, Logo Creation, Poster Design, Website Creation, Video Editing
MIM (band) | Apparel Concepts, Album and Cassette Art, Social Media Branding, Video Editing
Boys Club (band) | Apparel Design, Album Design, Poster Design, Social Media Branding
Ink & Essence Screen Printing | Apparel Design, Poster Design, Logo Design, Banner Design, Screen Printing
Boyertown Area Senior High | Apparel Design, Logo Design, Class Flag Design
Muttropolitan Pet Sitting | Stationery Redesign Package

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